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City Seeks Input from Community on ‘Library of Things’

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Post Date:01/15/2019 7:57 AM

 Library of Things

As part of the City of South Pasadena’s FY 2018/19 Strategic Plan, the South Pasadena Public Library will be launching its own ‘Library of Things’ as a pilot project during the first three months of 2019. A Library of Things” is a collection of non-book, non-traditional items available for community members to borrow. The materials will be available for checkout from the Library in much the same way that a cardholder would check out a book or a CD.

A ‘Library of Things’ could, for example, contain items like binoculars, garden tools, a telescope, a compass, a camera, a heavy duty stapler, and a cellphone charger. It could also contain a violin, a ukulele, and an acoustic guitar so library users could try them out on their own before deciding to buy one or start lessons.  It could also provide toys, games, or sports equipment that a young family would only want to use for a short time.

Novelty cake pans, a thermometer, kitchen utensils, a punchbowl, and party supplies could also be offered by a “Library of Things,’ while other provide materials that are curriculum-related, such as globes and maps, art supplies, and  educational kits---- or  just about anything else that isn’t too big, expensive or present risks or safety concerns.  Things to avoid are items that are not durable and won’t hold up to heavy use.

Borrowing from a ‘Library of Things’ is one way of participating in the Sharing Economy. It’s also a sustainable, money-saving practice. To start the operation, the Library will be drawing on its strengths of acquisition, circulation, and circulation in order to help community members to have free access to practical items that they may only want once a year or during a certain season.

SHARE, a Library of Things in Frome, England has been credited with starting the movement that has been growing steadily during recent years in public libraries near and far. A community-centric ‘Library of Things’ should reflect the needs and desires a broad cross-section of its residents. It’s expected that residents of South Pasadena would want to check out different types of items than those of English townsfolk or even dwellers of somewhere else in California. Consequently, the Library has created a brief survey that asks for suggestions from the public. In addition, the Library will be distributing bookmarks and announcements about the survey process.  Respondents will be able to suggest items they would most like to see the Library offer in its pilot Library of Things project.



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