Public Safety Commission

The Public Safety Commission serves in a primary support capacity to the City's public safety personnel in an endeavor to improve the City's existing emergency response capability.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of January, February, March, April, May, June, August, September, October & December, at 8:30 a.m.

Amedee O. "Dick" Richards Jr. Council Chambers 

1424 Mission Street

South Pasadena, CA 91030

Staff Liaisons

Brian Solinsky, Police Chief

Paul Riddle, Fire Chief

(626) 403-7300

Council Liaison

Councilmember Janet Braun

Public Safety Commission

Walter Cervantes, Chair (Term ends 12/31/2024)
Armando Munoz, Vice Chair (Term ends 12/31/2025)
Ed Donnelly, Commissioner (Term ends 12/31/2024)
Bethesda Gee, Commissioner (Term ends 12/31/2024)
Marcos Holguin, Commissioner (Term ends 12/31/2026)
Charley Lu, Commissioner (Term ends12/31/2026)

Agendas and Minutes 

2024 Agendas

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
 06/10/2024 Agenda(PDF, 6MB)  
 05/13/2024 Agenda(PDF, 3MB)  
 04/08/2024 Agenda(PDF, 8MB) Minutes(PDF, 291KB)
 03/11/2024 Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 291KB)
 02/12/2024  Agenda(PDF, 210KB)  
 01/08/2024 Agenda(PDF, 540KB) Minutes(PDF, 288KB)

2023 Agendas

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
 12/11/2023 Agenda(PDF, 803KB)  
 10/09/2023 Agenda(PDF, 23MB)  
 09/11/2023 Agenda(PDF, 6MB)  
 08/14/2023 Agenda(PDF, 10MB)  
 06/05/2023 Agenda(PDF, 947KB) Minutes(PDF, 612KB)
 05/08/2023 Agenda(PDF, 105KB) - Cancelled  
 04/10/2023 Agenda(PDF, 4MB) Minutes(PDF, 804KB)
 03/13/2023 Agenda(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 879KB)
 02/13/2023  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 838KB)
 01/09/2023 Agenda(PDF, 1MB) Minutes(PDF, 675KB)

2022 Agendas

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
 12/12/2022 Agenda(PDF, 1MB) Minutes(PDF, 679KB)
 10/17/2022 Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 641KB)
 10/10/2022 Agenda(PDF, 21KB) - Cancelled Coming Soon
 09/12/2022 Agenda(PDF, 712KB) Minutes(PDF, 711KB)
 08/08/2022 Agenda(PDF, 1MB) Minutes(PDF, 619KB)
 06/13/2022 Agenda(PDF, 5MB) Coming Soon
 05/09/2022 (PDF, 5MB)Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Coming Soon
 04/11/2022 Agenda(PDF, 41KB) - Cancelled Coming Soon
 03/14/2022 Agenda(PDF, 11MB) Coming Soon
 02/14/2022  Agenda(PDF, 3MB) Coming Soon
 01/10/2022 Agenda(PDF, 6MB) Coming Soon

2021 Agendas

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
 12/13/2021 Agenda(PDF, 12MB) Coming Soon
 10/18/2021 Agenda(PDF, 17MB) Coming Soon
 09/13/2021 Agenda(PDF, 7MB) Coming Soon
 08/08/2021 Agenda(PDF, 242KB) - Cancelled Cancelled
 06/14/2021 Agenda(PDF, 4MB) Coming Soon
 05/10/2021 Agenda(PDF, 4MB) Coming Soon
 04/12/2021 Agenda(PDF, 139KB) - Cancelled Cancelled
 03/08/2021 Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Coming Soon
 02/08/2021  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Coming Soon
 01/11/2021 Agenda(PDF, 577KB) Coming Soon

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