State Controller’s Government Compensation for South Pasadena

The California State Controller’s Office began publishing data on Government Compensation in California (GCC) in 2010. The information collected and published by the State Controller’s Office is based on unaudited information as received from the local and state government offices.

The current reports utilize data from calendar year 2014. The State Controller’s Office will update their website with data from calendar year 2015 in June, 2016.

The Mayor, City Council, and City Clerk of the City of South Pasadena are paid $300/month, the maximum stipend permitted for General Law cities with populations of up to 35,000. The City Treasurer is paid a stipend of $706/month. There are no other benefits provided by the City.

City Employee Salaries

Salaries and benefits of City employees are established by resolution and Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) approved by the City Council.