City Records Program

The City of South Pasadena is committed to provide open and transparent access to public records created and maintained by the City, which includes timely access to requested records in accordance with the California Public Records Act (Government Code 6250 et seq).

Can I search for records online?

The City of South Pasadena uses a digital document archiving system known as Laserfiche. The City utilizes this system to retrieve, manage, and distribute paper and electronic records more efficiently and effectively. Citizens may access such information through Weblink, which delivers these documents via a familiar web-browser interface. Users can browse, search, retrieve, download, and print City documents. Currently, users can access a variety of documents including the following:

City Council Agenda Packets, Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions.

Statements of Economic Interest (Form 700).

Contracts and Agreements.

Advisory Body Agendas and Minutes.

*Note: If you receive an error message, there are likely too many users at one time. Please wait a few minutes and reload the page.  If the problem persist contact the City Clerk's Division at (626) 403-7230.

How do I use Weblink?

Browse: Browse mode if the default mode of Weblink. It lets you click through folders and file names, similar to computer file folders.

Once you are on the main Weblink page you will see a list of different folders and lists of documents available. Just click on the document icon to open it up to full view. You will see a graphic representation of documents and you can page through them using the header controls.

"Thumbnails" can be useful for browsing documents with a large number of images and graphics. It will generate small graphic pictures of each document page of the document you have selected, allowing you to pick the page you want to see based on its small image. (Be advised, it will take time to download all the small images to your browser).

Search: The search function is one of its most powerful features. Hit "Search" in the main header bar to switch from "Browse" mode to "Search" mode. Note the "Search for:" field that´s come up on screen-left. It works like many Web search tools. Depending on the specific word search you may retrieve many hits and responsive documents. You may desire to experiment with custom search tools to help narrow the search results.

Print/Save: Use the PDF Print button and either print or save the PDF file to your computer.