Employee Salaries and Benefits

The City provides quality, cost-effective employee benefits, health care coverage, workers' compensation, and safety services to attract and retain talented employees.  

The City has several employee bargaining units whose benefits are negotiated and vary by contract (Memorandums of Understanding - MOU's) in addition to unrepresented employees whose benefits are governed by contract or resolution.


Firefighters' Association (FFA)(PDF, 2MB)

Police Officers' Association (POA)(PDF, 3MB)

Public Service Employees' Association (PSEA)(PDF, 3MB)

Public Service Part Time Employees' Association(PDF, 856KB)

Resolution No. 7704 Position of Police Assistant II(PDF, 1MB)



Management Employees(PDF, 1MB)

City Manager(PDF, 863KB)

City Manager Amendments(PDF, 119KB)

Exhibit B -Salaries Management Update(PDF, 17KB)