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Skate Park

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Stoney Drive & Arroyo Drive

660 Stoney Drive 
South Pasadena, CA 91030

  Dawn to Dusk

The Skate Park is located at the bottom of Stoney Drive in Arroyo Park, next to the batting cages.

Skate Park 2
Skate Park
Skate Park 3

Skateboards and Skateboard Parks (Chapter 21A SPMC)

21A-1 Definitions:
(a) "Skateboard" means any material which has wheels attached and such wheels may be used for moving or propulsion, excluding scooters and similar devices.
(b) “Skateboard Park” shall mean any publicly owned or operated facility designed and maintained for the purpose of recreational skateboard use. (Ord. No. 2101, § 1.)

21A-2 Use of a Skateboard park:
(a) No person shall:
   (1) Unless first expressly authorized by a city representative, use a skateboard park, except during the posted hours of operation;
   (2) Use the skating surface of a skateboard park for any use other than for proper use of a skateboard or in-line skates;
   (3) Use the skating surface of a skateboard park unless that person is wearing proper safety equipment including a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads;
   (4) Cause a bicycle to be on the skating surface of a skateboard park;
   (5) Use alcohol or non-prescribed drugs in or within three hundred feet of a skateboard park; or be under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs while at a skateboard park;
   (6) Dispose of debris, waste and trash except in an appropriate receptacle provided by the city;
   (7) Apply graffiti or engage in tagging at a skateboard park;
   (8) Skate, run or stand on or jump from, or otherwise employ any fence, wall, curb or driveway unless within the skating area of a skateboard park;
   (9) Use or be upon a skateboard park while wearing an audio headset;
   (10) Introduce, employ or use any unauthorized equipment, obstacle or apparatus within a skateboard park;
   (11) Enter or remain in a skateboard park with any food or beverage;
   (12) Play amplified music within a skateboard park;
   (13) Use profane or abusive language or act in any discourteous manner; or
   (14) Skate in a skateboard park owned and operated by the city, unless the skateboarder (if an adult) or a parent or guardian of the skateboarder (if a minor) has signed an indemnification for, and release of, liability form. That form shall be provided by the city and shall be signed in the presence of a city representative or notary public and filed with the city.
(b) If any person violates one or more of the rules listed in this section, then a city representative may cause that person to be removed and prevented from being on or within three hundred feet of a skateboard park. (Ord. No. 2101, § 1.)

21A-4 Violations:
Any person violating any provision of Section 21A-2 of this code:
(a) Is guilty of an infraction and subject to a fine in an amount not to exceed fifty dollars for a first conviction, and seventy-five dollars for a second conviction within one year, and one hundred fifty dollars for each additional conviction within one year; and
(b) Upon conviction of a violation may be temporarily restricted from entering a skateboard park.