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Response Statistics

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In 2017 there were more than 2300 responses by the South Pasadena Fire Department. Of those about 1500 were for incidents within the city borders. The balance of the responses were with adjoining agencies. South Pasadena Fire Department responds within Area C and into LA City under Auto Aid agreements and with Region 1 of California under the State Master Mutual Aid Agreement. Within the city the most frequent dispatches are for minor falls and fire alarms.

When 911 is dialed the South Pasadena Police Department receives the initial call. If the call originates on a landline the police dispatcher is able to ascertain the calling persons address and phone number via E-911. If the caller is using a mobile device such as cellular phone the call may be initially handled by the California Highway Patrol. If the caller is using a cellular device it is important for that person to know where they are when giving the dispatcher the information. The dispatcher will ask if the emergency call is police, fire or medically related. If the call is fire or medical in nature the police dispatcher transfers the call to Verdugo Fire Communications Center in Glendale. The dispatcher at Verdugo will determine what resources are needed and dispatch the closest equipment using GPS vehicle location devices.

For additional information on Verdugo Communications and response statistics follow the link below: