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(626) 403-7340
(626) 403-7358
(626) 403-7350
(626) 403-7330
(626) 403-7331
(626) 441-5294


Library Director

Public Services Manager

Cathy Billings -

Maida Wong -

1.29.18 staff photo cropped


Back Row, L-R: Andrew Grafton, Steve Fjeldsted, Mark Samuels,Ann Palmer, Ashley Matteson, Phyllis Stier, Cindy Finder, Ashley Kagan.
Middle Row, L-R: Sean Faye, Cathy Billings, Chelsea Clark, Maida Wong, Barb Posner.
Front Row, L-R: Bryan Bazalar, Tess Jones, Lisa Sternberg, Rubina, Cheyenne.


Photo Credit: Kyle Benalcazar




























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