Mission Bell Mixed Use Project - Draft Environmental Impact Report

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Notice of Availability

The City of South Pasadena (City), as the Lead Agency pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed Mission Bell development (Project) located at 1101–1115 Mission Street (Project Site). The DEIR for the Mission Bell Mixed Use Project is available for review from the link below and a printed copy is available at the City of South Pasadena Planning and Building Department located in City Hall at 1414 Mission Street.

If you would like to provide comments on the DEIR, please provide written comments by 6:00 PM on November 18, 2019 to: 

Kanika Kith, Interim Senior Planner
City of South Pasadena
1414 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030

Project Location

The Project Site is on the south side of Mission Street between Fremont Avenue and Fairview Avenue. The Project Site consists of two parcels, 5315-008-045 (1101 and 1107 Mission Street) and 5315-008-043 (1115 Mission Street).

Project Description

The Project Applicant has proposed a two- and three-story mixed-use development located at 1101-1107 Mission Street. The project involves, demolition of the rear portion of the existing building at 1115 Mission Street and construction of a two story residential building, renovation of the remainder of the building at 1115 Mission Street for adaptive reuse as residential and commercial mixed use, construction of a three story residential and commercial retail building on the remainder of the Project site, and the construction of two levels of subterranean parking beneath the entire Project site. The Project would consist of 7,394 square feet of commercial retail space along Mission Street and Fairview Avenue frontages and 36 residential units on above and to the rear of the commercial uses. The Project requires discretionary approvals by the City, including a Conditional Use Permit, Design Review Permit, Certificate of Appropriateness, and a Vesting Tentative Parcel Map.

Probable Environmental Effects

Based on the analysis included in the Draft EIR, the Project would not result in significant and unavoidable impacts.  All potential impacts identified would be mitigated to less-than-significant levels. Construction of the project could potentially expose nearby residences to excessive noise.   However, mitigation measures were identified in the DEIR, which would reduce the impacts to a less than a significant level.

Mission Bell Draft Environmental Impact Report

Mission Bell Draft Environmental Impact Report Appendices

Mission Bell Draft Environmental Impact Report - Notice of Completion

Mission Bell Draft Environmental Impact Report - Appendix G - Traffic Study