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Our Values

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Mission Statement

"The Mission of the South Pasadena Police Department is to provide our community with the safest possible environment using interactive crime prevention methods, public education programs, and the equitable and professional application of the law."

Core Values

INTEGRITY - Police officers are entrusted with lives and property.  They are exposed to situations where, if lacking a high level of integrity, they can take advantage of that trust.  The community must have confidence that their officers have the highest level of ethics and morals.  Personal integrity is fundamental in the prevention of corruption.  Police officers have a solemn obligation to be honest and trustworthy, accurately document probable cause and the circumstances of an arrest in reports and during courtroom testimony, report ethical violations when committed by others, and serve as a role model for the public. 

QUALITY OF SERVICE - The residents and business owners of South Pasadena have high expectations of the quality of service provided by the South Pasadena Police Department.  Historically, the Department has provided this level of service.  When handling any type of call for service, criminal or traffic investigation, officers should always provide a level of service they would want their family to receive.  They should be guided by what is the right thing to do to solve the problem that resulted in their response. 

RESPECT FOR PEOPLE - Police Officers must treat all people with as much respect and dignity as the situation allows. Even in a confrontational, adversarial encounter, officers must remain professional and respectful. Respect towards others breeds respect in return. And, respect towards others must begin between co-workers. If employees are not respectful towards each other, they will not be respectful towards the public. All employees must treat each other with respect and recognize that the diversity each employee brings to the South Pasadena Police Department helps to make the Department able to police the diverse community we serve.

WORK ETHIC – The employees of the South Pasadena Police Department are government employees and their salaries and benefits are paid by the public they serve. Taxpayers have the right to expect their government employees to earn the salaries they are paid. All employees are expected to give an honest day’s work. The South Pasadena Police Department does not have any unnecessary positions and everyone must be committed to supporting each other to accomplish the goals and objectives of the organization. This requires a firm commitment from each and every employee.