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South Pasadena Police Badges

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Circa 1888 to 1890s, the first City Marshal badges were tin stars similar to the "old west" sheriff badges, as documented by Marshal Cobb's purchase of two "stars" in 1888.   While there have been no known photographs of the original stars, this has been created based on the style worn for the time period.


Circa 1890s to 1920s, this was used when the department was still known as Marshals.  It was also used in the transitional period between Marshal and Police.


  Circa 1920s to 1960s.  This design followed the trend of badge designs for the time.  Many departments had similar designs as badge makers did not make new badge designs for each department.  The eagle was kept at the top of the badge.
 special badge png    1960 badge    reserve png
Circa 1940s.  This "Special Policeman" badge was issued to an officer that had a specific function either as a guard guarding city water supplies, monitoring for air raids, or other specific emergency purpose during the Second World War.
  Circa 1960 to mid-1970s.  This design was similar to the previous design, but with different colors.  The bronze color shield was changed to silver and the ribbons were changed to blue.
  Circa 1940s to 1950s.  This badge was issued to Reserve Officers.  After the 1960s, Reserve Officers were issued the same badge as regular officers.  This badge was similar in design to the first police badges but, was also slightly smaller than the original badge.
 1970 badge png    centenial png    current badge png
Circa mid-1970s to 1990s.  The shape of the badge changed from the shield to oval, but the colors remained the same.  The word "Police Officer" replaced Policeman to make the badge unisex.
  To celebrate the millennium a special badge was created that was also personalized with the name of each officer.  The badge was only worn for the year 2000.
  In the late 1990s, the badge changed to its current design.  The California seal was replaced with the city seal and the City Hall and San Gabriel Mountains are in the background.