The City of South Pasadena’s top priority is the health and safety of our community as the situation around the coronavirus continues to evolve. For facility closures, event cancellations, and more information, click here


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We have temporarily suspended overnight parking enforcement between March 16, 2020 through May 15, 2020.  No parking permits are needed. 

COVID-19/Corona Virus Scams

With the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) spreading, so are the scammers.  There have been several types of scams occur where they claim they have a vaccine or herbal remedy.  Unfortunately, as of right now the FDA says there are no approved vaccines or drugs to treat or prevent the virus. 

Like any scam, should you get an email or a “pop-up” window while on the computer, don’t click on any links.  You could download a computer virus.

Other tips to remember:

·       Be cautious of any email claiming to be from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Unless you subscribed, how did they get your email address.  Go to the CDC ( website directly to obtain information.   

·       Ignore offers for vaccinations.  Currently, there are no vaccines, pills, herbal medicine, etc. to treat, prevent or cure the virus.

·       Visit the Federal Trade Commission website to keep up-to-date regarding scams on the COVID-19 ( 

·       Visit the South Pasadena website on COVID-19 ( to obtain current information on how the virus affects the city. 

·       Remember to wash your hands often!


 The following are the materials related to the press conference held on March, 2, 2020.


There has been a recent scam where the suspects are claiming they are from the South Pasadena Police Department and tell the victim that there is a warrant for their arrest, and demand payment in bitcoin or pre-paid debit cards (i.e., Green Dot cards).  The caller ID may display the police department or City of South Pasadena to make the call more convincing. 

The police department does NOT ask for payment in bit coins, cash, checks, credit card, etc.  

Should you get a call from someone representing the South Pasadena Police Department and asking for payment for an outstanding warrant, hang-up. 

You can always call the police department at 626-403-7297 to verify if we called you.