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Sign Up for Connect South Pasadena to Receive Important Information when you Need it Most

Connect South Pasadena - Sign Up for the City's Mass Notification System

The City of South Pasadena has launched Connect South Pasadena, the City’s emergency notification system so city officials can stay connected to residents and efficiently provide them with direction in the event of an earthquake, fire or other public emergency. Using Connect South Pasadena, City officials can record and send personalized voice messages to home phones, businesses, local agencies and mobile phones in just minutes.

Sign up for Connect South Pasadena, create a profile, and enter all the ways you would like public safety officials to try to contact you in an emergency – your mobile phone, your work email, anywhere you would need to receive important safety messages.  You can even register locations in South Pasadena of interest to you, such as your home, a relative’s home or your child’s school.  Should disaster strike, you’ll receive key information on where to go and what to do to keep you and your family safe.

Connect South Pasadena allows our public safety officials to disseminate vital information to thousands of subscribers in a short period of time, keeping our community informed in the time of an emergency.