Project Life Saver

The South Pasadena Police Department has jointed forces with the national organization "Project Life Saver".  This program is voluntary and facilitated through the Police Department.  Its purpose is to assist in the location of individuals with cognitive disorders that are prone to life-threatening behaviors such as as wandering. 

The bracelet worn is similar to a wrist band or digital watch.  The device acts as a homing beacon, transmitting a low radio frequency signal to search and rescue personnel.  It alerts the rescue teams of their location, even when the missing person is unable to do so themselves.  This allows time sensitive situations to be drastically reduced from several hours or days, to only minutes.  

Project Life Saver has proven to be 100 percent successful and has logged over 30,000 rescues thus far.  Residence of South Pasadena will have the opportunity to utilize this program and secure the most proactive form of protection and well-being for their at-risk loved ones.  

For more information, or if you know of a family in need of this service, please contact Sergeant Matthew Ronnie at 626-403-7207, or email at You may also visit Project Life Saver at