City Council Agendas

Schedule of 2024 Council Meetings(PDF, 205KB)

City Council Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 p.m., in the Amedee O. "Dick" Richards Jr. Council Chambers, located at 1424 Mission Street. Currently, members of the public have the option to participate virtually via Zoom or written Public Comment.

City Council meetings are web streamed and are available for six months online.

Webinar ID: 825 9999 2830. No passcode required.

Public Comment Guidelines

The City Council welcomes public input, however, to ensure City business can be conducted in a timely manner General Public Comment will be limited to 30 minutes at the beginning of the agenda. If there are speakers remaining in the queue, they will be heard at the end of the meeting

Members of the public can comment on a non-agenda subject under the jurisdiction of the City Council or on an agenda item, you may participate by one of the following options:

Option 1:
Public Comment speakers have three minutes to address the Council, however, the Mayor and City Council can adjust time allotted as needed. Participants will be able to “raise their hand” using the Zoom icon during the meeting, and they will have their microphone un-muted during comment portions of the agenda to speak.

Option 2:
Email public comment(s) to
Public Comments received in writing will not be read aloud at the meeting, but will be part of the meeting record. Written public comments will be uploaded online for public viewing under Additional Documents. There is no word limit on emailed Public Comment(s). Please make sure to indicate:

  1. Name (optional)
  2. Agenda item you are submitting public comment on.
  3. Submit by no later than 12:00 p.m., on the day of the Council meeting.

Meeting Documents

2024 City Council Meetings (Prior to May 30, 2024)

Meeting Date Closed Session Open Session Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
 05/29/2024  City-Council-and-the-Housing-Authority-Board-of-Directors-Amended-Closed-Session.pdf(PDF, 83KB)

 Special-City-Council-Meeting.pdf(PDF, 92KB)

Special-Joint-City-Council-and-the-Housing-Authority-Board-of-Directors-Open-Session.pdf(PDF, 89KB)

Special-City-Council-Meeting-Agenda-Packet.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Special-Joint-City-Council-and-the-Housing-Authority-Board-of-Directors-Open-Session-Packet.pdf(PDF, 159KB)

5-29-2024-Additional-Documents_1.pdf(PDF, 8MB)  
 05/15/2024  Closed-Session-Agenda-5-15-2024.pdf(PDF, 193KB)  Open-Session-Agenda-5-15-2024.pdf(PDF, 251KB)  Agenda-Packet-5-15-2024.pdf(PDF, 6MB) Additional-Documents-Amendment-5-15-2024_2.pdf(PDF, 5MB)  
 05/01/2024  Closed-Session-Agenda-5-1-2024.pdf(PDF, 242KB)  Open-Session-Agenda-5-1-2024.pdf(PDF, 228KB)  Agenda-Packet-5-1-2024.pdf(PDF, 8MB)  Additional-Documents-05-01-2024.pdf(PDF, 13MB)  

 Special-Open-Agenda-4-24-2024.pdf(PDF, 242KB)

Special-Joint-Study-Session-with-FC-Agenda-4-24-24.pdf(PDF, 237KB)

 Special-City-Council-Agenda-Packet-4-24-24.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Special-Joint-Meeting-with-FC-Agenda-Packet-4-24-24.pdf(PDF, 10MB)

 Additional-Documents-4-24-24.pdf(PDF, 9MB)  
 04/17/2024  Closed-Session-April-17-2024.pdf(PDF, 257KB)

 Special-Joint-Session-April-17-2024.pdf(PDF, 293KB)

Open-Session-April-17-2024.pdf(PDF, 241KB)

Special-Housing-Authority-April-17-2024.pdf(PDF, 143KB)

 Special-Joint-Session-Packet-April-17-2024.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

4-17-2024-City-Council-Mtg-Agenda-Packet.pdf(PDF, 70MB)

Special-Housing-Authority-Packet-April-17-2024.pdf(PDF, 921KB)

4-17-2024-Additional-Documents.pdf(PDF, 19MB)  
 04/15/2024  Closed-Session-Agenda-April-15-2024.pdf(PDF, 259KB)  Special-Open-Session-Agenda-April-15-2024.pdf(PDF, 239KB)  Special-Agenda-Packet-Study-Session-April-15-2024.pdf(PDF, 3MB) Additional-Documents-April-15-2024.pdf(PDF, 907KB)    
04-03-24 Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 191KB)

03/20/2024 03-20-24 Amended Special Joint Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 264KB) 03-20-24 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 240KB)

03-20-24 Special Joint Session Agenda(PDF, 233KB)
03-20-24 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 40MB)

03-20-24 Special Joint Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 43MB)
03-20-24 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 76MB)
03/06/2024 03-06-24 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 261KB) 03-06-24 Amended Open Session Agenda(PDF, 235KB) 03-06-24 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB)

02-26-24 Special Joint Session Agenda(PDF, 234KB)

02-26-24 Special Agenda (Brown Act and Ethics Training)(PDF, 210KB)
02-26-24 Special Joint Session Packet(PDF, 6MB) 02-26-24 Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)
02-22-24 Special Agenda (Brown Act and Ethics Training)(PDF, 210KB)

02-21-24 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 227KB)

02-21-24 Special Housing Authority Agenda(PDF, 256KB)

02-21-24 Special Joint Session Agenda(PDF, 262KB)
02-21-24 Agenda Packet(PDF, 26MB)

02-21-24 Special Housing Authority Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB)

02-21-24 Special Joint Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 4MB)
02-21-24 Additional Documents(PDF, 1010KB)
02/07/2024 02-07-24 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 258KB) 02-07-24 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 366KB) 02-07-24 Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB) 02-07-24 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)
01/17/2024 01-17-24 Special Joint Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 263KB) 01-17-24 Amended Open Session Agenda(PDF, 282KB) 01-17-24 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 6MB) 01-17-24 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB)
01/03/2024 01-03-24 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 256KB) 01-03-24 Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 191KB)

2023 City Council Meetings

Meeting Date Closed Session Open
Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
12/20/2023 12-20-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 257KB) 12-20-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 256KB) 12-20-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 16MB) 12-20-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 924KB)
12/06/2023 12-06-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 254KB) 12-06-23 Special Housing Authority Meeting Agenda(PDF, 255KB)

12-06-23 Special Meeting Agenda (Study Session)(PDF, 237KB)

12-06-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 261KB)
12-06-23 Special Housing Authority Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 941KB)

12-06-23 Open Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 18MB)
12-06-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 10MB) 12-06-23 Minutes (Housing Authority)(PDF, 69KB)
12-05-23 Special Meeting Agenda (State of the City)(PDF, 233KB)

11/15/2023 11-15-23 Special Joint Closed Session Agenda (Housing Authority)(PDF, 259KB) 11-15-23 Amended Open Session Agenda(PDF, 285KB) 11-15-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 33MB) 11-15-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) 11-15-23 Minutes(PDF, 370KB)
11/01/2023 11-01-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 260KB) 11-01-23 Amended Open Session Agenda(PDF, 258KB) 11-01-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 29MB) 11-01-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB) 11-01-23 Minutes(PDF, 299KB)
10/18/2023 10-18-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 260KB) 10-18-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 257KB) 10-18-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) 10-18-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB) 10-18-23 Minutes(PDF, 290KB)
10-14-23 Special Meeting Agenda (Strategic Plan)(PDF, 230KB)

10/04/2023 10-04-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 260KB) 10-04-23 Amended Open Session Agenda(PDF, 264KB) 10-04-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 11MB) 10-04-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB)
09/27/2023 09-27-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 156KB) 09-27-23 Amended Open Session Meeting Agenda(PDF, 294KB) 09-27-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 42MB) 09-27-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 26MB)
09-20-23 Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 190KB)

09/18/2023 09-18-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 256KB) 09-18-23 Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 255KB) 09-18-23 Special Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB) 09-18-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 9MB) 09-18-23 Minutes(PDF, 299KB)
09/06/2023 09-06-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 262KB) 09-06-23 Special Joint Meeting Session Agenda(PDF, 236KB)

09-06-23 Special Housing Authority Meeting Agenda(PDF, 245KB)

09-06-23 Open Session Meeting Agenda(PDF, 282KB)
09-06-23 Special Joint Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 2MB)

09-06-23 Special Housing Authority Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 1013KB)

09-06-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 17MB)
09-06-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 35MB) 09-06-23 Minutes (Special Joint Session)(PDF, 194KB)

09-06-23 Minutes (Housing Authority)(PDF, 122KB)

Minutes(PDF, 328KB)
08/29/2023 08-29-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 257KB) 08-29-23 Special Meeting - Study Session Agenda(PDF, 242KB) 08-29-23 Special Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 479KB) 08-29-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 44MB) 08-29-23 Minutes(PDF, 328KB)
08/16/2023 08-16-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 255KB) 08-16-23 Amended Open Session Agenda(PDF, 270KB) 08-16-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 21MB) 08-16-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 19MB) 08-16-23 Minutes(PDF, 299KB)
07/19/2023 07-19-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 257KB) 07-19-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 277KB) 07-19-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 50MB) 07-19-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 16MB) 07-19-23 Minutes(PDF, 453KB)
07-05-23 Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 191KB)

06-28-23 Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 244KB)

06-28-23 Special Meeting Agenda (Commissioner Congress)(PDF, 232KB)
06-28-23 Special Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 1003KB) 06-28-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 16MB) 06-28-23 Minutes(PDF, 83KB)

06-28-23 Minutes (Commissioner Congress)(PDF, 82KB)
06/21/2023 06-21-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 254KB) 06-21-23 Special Joint Session Agenda(PDF, 237KB)

06-21-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 258KB)
06-21-23 Special Joint Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 17MB)

06-21-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 27MB)
06-21-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB) 06-21-23 Minutes(PDF, 322KB)

06-21-23 Minutes (Special Joint Session)(PDF, 122KB)

06-13-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 239KB) 06-13-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 2MB) 06-13-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)
06/07/2023 06-07-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 257KB) 06-07-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 213KB) 06-07-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 35MB) 06-07-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB) 06-07-23 Minutes(PDF, 448KB)
05/30/2023 05-30-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 252KB) 05-30-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 241KB) 05-30-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 41MB) 05-30-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 9MB) 05-30-23 Minutes(PDF, 140KB)
05/25/2023 05-25-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 256KB)

05/17/2023 05-17-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 256KB) 05-17-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 309KB) 05-17-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB) 05-17-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 18MB) 05-17-23 Minutes(PDF, 464KB)
05/03/2023 05-03-23 Closed Session Agenda- 1:00PM(PDF, 251KB)

05-03-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda- 5:30PM(PDF, 255KB)
05-03-23 Special Joint Session Agenda(PDF, 233KB)

05-03-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 254KB)
05-03-23 Special Joint Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB)

05-03-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 13MB)
05-03-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 9MB) 05-03-23 Special Joint Minutes(PDF, 76KB)

05-03-23 Minutes(PDF, 319KB)
05/01/2023 05-01-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 252KB)

05-01-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 951KB)
04-29-23 Special Joint Session Agenda(PDF, 228KB) 04-29-23 Special Joint Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 890KB)
04-29-23 Minutes(PDF, 55KB)
04/26/2023 04-26-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 255KB) 04-26-23 Amended Special Joint Session Agenda(PDF, 370KB) 04-26-23 Amended Special Joint Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB) 04-26-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB) 04-26-23 Minutes(PDF, 126KB)
04-19-23 Special Housing Authority Agenda(PDF, 241KB)

04-19-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 271KB)
04-19-23 Special Housing Authority Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB)

04-19-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 36MB)
04-19-23 Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 13MB) 04-19-23 Special Housing Authority Minutes(PDF, 102KB)

04-19-23 Minutes(PDF, 354KB)
04-05-23 Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 191KB)

03/15/2023 03-15-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 255KB) 03-15-23 Special Joint Meeting Agenda(PDF, 282KB)

03-15-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 258KB)
03-15-23 Special Joint Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB)

03-15-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB)
03-15-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB) 03-15-23 Special Joint Meeting Minutes(PDF, 105KB)

03-15-23 Minutes(PDF, 234KB)
03/01/2023 03-01-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 253KB) 03-01-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 260KB) 03-01-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 24MB) 03-01-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB)
02/15/2023 02-15-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 255KB) 02-15-23 Special Joint Meeting Agenda(PDF, 237KB)

02-15-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 260KB)
02-15-23 Special Joint Agenda Packet(PDF, 849KB)

02-15-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 28MB)
02-15-23 Additional Documents Part 1(PDF, 58MB)

02-15-23 Additional Documents Part 2(PDF, 12MB)

02-09-23 Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 250KB)
02-09-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 903KB) 02-09-23 Minutes(PDF, 78KB)
02/01/2023 02-01-23 Amended Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 200KB) 02-01-23 Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 248KB)

02-01-23 Open Session Agenda(PDF, 269KB)
02-01-23 Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB)

02-01-23 Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB)
02-01-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB)
01/18/2023 01-18-23 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 202KB) 01-18-23 Amended Open Session Agenda(PDF, 245KB) 01-18-23 Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 21MB) 01-18-23 Additional Documents(PDF, 24MB) 01-18-23 Minutes(PDF, 317KB)
01-04-23 Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 191KB)

2022 City Council Meetings

Meeting Date Closed Session Open Session Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
12/21/2022 Closed Session will occur after Open Session Meeting  

Special Meeting  Agenda 6:00 p.m.(PDF, 220KB)


Open Session Agenda 7:00 p.m.(PDF, 282KB)


Special Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)


Open Session Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB)   


Special Meeting Additional Documents(PDF, 871KB)


Open Session Additional Documents(PDF, 18MB)

 12/07/2022 Amended Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 195KB) Open Session Agenda(PDF, 252KB) Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 28MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 990KB)  
 11/16/2022 Amended Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 243KB) Open Session Agenda(PDF, 293KB)  Agenda Packet(PDF, 21MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB)  


 *Special Joint Meeting

  Special Joint Meeting Agenda(PDF, 242KB) Special Joint Meeting Packet(PDF, 3MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)

Additional Documents Received after 11/09/2022 Deadline(PDF, 1MB)


 11/02/2022 Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 253KB)

Open Session Agenda(PDF, 256KB)

Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 217KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 20MB)

Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB)  
 10/19/2022 Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 255KB) Open Session Agenda(PDF, 252KB)


Agenda Packet(PDF, 13MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB)  
 10/05/2022 Amended Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 195KB) Open Session Agenda(PDF, 273KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 195KB) Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB)  
 10/03/2022  N/A Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 223KB)      
 09/21/2022 Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 260KB) Open Session Agenda(PDF, 239KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 27MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB)


Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 19MB)


 09/19/2022  N/A Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 225KB)      
 09/07/2022 Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 253KB)

Open Session Agenda(PDF, 258KB)

Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 223KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 23MB)

Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 917KB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB)  
 08/17/2022 Amended Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 250KB)


Open Session Agenda(PDF, 277KB)  Agenda Packet(PDF, 13MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB)  


*Special Meeting


Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 251KB)  N/A N/A    


*Special Meeting

Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 236KB)  Special Open Agenda(PDF, 214KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)  


*Special Meeting


 Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 237KB)  N/A N/A     


*Special Meeting


Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 237KB)  N/A  N/A    
*Special Meeting
 N/A  Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 224KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 27MB) (PDF, 14MB)Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB)  
 07/20/2022  Special Closed Agenda(PDF, 242KB) Open Session Agenda(PDF, 258KB)

 Agenda Packet (Part 1)(PDF, 15MB)

Agenda Packet (Part 2)(PDF, 24MB)

Agenda Packet (Dropbox)(PDF, 2MB)

(PDF, 247KB)Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB)  
*Special Meeting
   Special Agenda(PDF, 297KB) Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 2MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 247KB)  


*Special Meeting

   Special Agenda(PDF, 226KB)      
 06/15/2022 Special Closed Session(PDF, 257KB)

Special Agenda(PDF, 216KB)

Open Session Agenda(PDF, 276KB)

Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 24MB)

Revised Proposed FY 22-23 Budget(PDF, 3MB)

Draft ACFR 22-23(PDF, 2MB)

Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 11MB)  
 06/08/2022 Special Closed Session(PDF, 255KB)  N/A      
 06/01/2022 Special Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 257KB) Open Session Agenda(PDF, 310KB)

 Agenda Packet(PDF, 23MB)

Revised Proposed FY 22-23 Budget(PDF, 3MB) (6/1/22 version)

Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)  
*Special Meeting
Budget Workshop
Special Revised Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 256KB) Special Open Session Agenda(PDF, 217KB)

Special Open Session Agenda(PDF, 1MB)

Proposed FY 22-23 Budget(PDF, 3MB)

Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB)

Additional Documents After Deadline(PDF, 2MB) (5/26/22)

 05/18/2022 Special Closed Session(PDF, 254KB)

5:00 Special Open Session(PDF, 214KB)

Open Session(PDF, 244KB)

Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 362KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 11MB)

Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 12MB)  
 05/04/2022 Special Closed Session(PDF, 254KB)  Open Session(PDF, 212KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB)  Minutes(PDF, 205KB)
 4/27/2022    Open Session(PDF, 348KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)  Minutes(PDF, 907KB)

5:00pm Special Closed Session(PDF, 251KB)


Special Closed Session(PDF, 252KB)

 Open Session(PDF, 237KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 9MB)  Minutes(PDF, 378KB)
 4/6/2022 Special Closed Session(PDF, 361KB)  Open Session(PDF, 270KB)  Agenda Packet(PDF, 21MB)  Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 8MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
*Special Meeting
 Special Closed Session(PDF, 252KB)  


 Open Session(PDF, 246KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 16MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 281KB)  Minutes(PDF, 916KB)
 3/16/2022 Amended Closed Session(PDF, 297KB)  Open Session(PDF, 288KB)  Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB)  Minutes(PDF, 2MB)
 3/2/2022  Closed Session(PDF, 259KB)  Open Session(PDF, 271KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 28MB)


Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)

*Special Meeting

Special Closed Session(PDF, 275KB)


Open Session(PDF, 290KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)


Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)  Minutes(PDF, 917KB)
 2/16/2022 Closed Session(PDF, 265KB)  Open Session(PDF, 290KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 17MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 21MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
 2/2/2022 Special Closed Session(PDF, 272KB) Corrected Open Session(PDF, 296KB)  Agenda Packet(PDF, 22MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
 1/19/2022 Closed Session(PDF, 280KB) Open Session(PDF, 286KB)  (PDF, 280KB)Agenda Packet(PDF, 21MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 498KB)  Minutes(PDF, 947KB)
*Special Meeting
Closed Session(PDF, 317KB)  Open Session(PDF, 284KB)  Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 562KB)   Minutes(PDF, 874KB)

2021 City Council Meetings


Meeting Date Closed Session Open Session Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
12/15/2021 Closed Session(PDF, 268KB) Agenda(PDF, 309KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 29MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 13MB) Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
 12/01/2021 Closed Session(PDF, 284KB) Agenda(PDF, 303KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 20MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
11/17/2021  Special Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 282KB) (PDF, 28MB)Agenda(PDF, 298KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 28MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 908KB)
 11/10/2021   Agenda(PDF, 260KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB)    
 11/3/2021   Agenda(PDF, 300KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 964KB)
 10/26/2021   Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 260KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB)    

Special Closed Session(PDF, 276KB)

Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 312KB)

Agenda(PDF, 295KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 17MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 705KB) Minutes(PDF, 356KB)
 10/9/2021 N/A Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 261KB)   Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)  
 10/8/2021 Special Closed Session(PDF, 315KB) Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 260KB)   Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)
 10/6/2021 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 280KB) Agenda(PDF, 349KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 28MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB) Minutes(PDF, 382KB)
 9/15/2021 Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 289KB) Agenda(PDF, 305KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 19MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB) Minutes(PDF, 381KB)
 09/01/2021 Special Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 409KB) Agenda(PDF, 592KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 14MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 404KB)
 08/18/2021 Special Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 312KB) Agenda(PDF, 379KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 24MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 9MB) Minutes(PDF, 397KB)
 07/21/2021 Special Closed Session-530 Agenda(PDF, 269KB) Agenda(PDF, 355KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 29MB) Amended Additional Documents(PDF, 10MB) Minutes(PDF, 302KB)
 07/07/2021 Amended Agenda(PDF, 279KB) Agenda(PDF, 375KB)  Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 27MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 370KB)
 06/16/2021 N/A Agenda(PDF, 332KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB)

20. Presentation(PDF, 4MB)

 Minutes(PDF, 265KB)
 06/02/2021 Agenda(PDF, 285KB) Agenda(PDF, 730KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) Updated Additional  Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 352KB)
 05/19/2021 Agenda(PDF, 429KB) Agenda(PDF, 14MB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 14MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB)

13. Staff Presentation

14. Staff Presentation

Minutes(PDF, 775KB)
 05/05/2021 N/A Agenda(PDF, 699KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 699KB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB)

Recorded Public Comment

Minutes(PDF, 819KB)
 04/28/2021 N/A Agenda(PDF, 329KB) N/A Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 996KB) Minutes(PDF, 364KB)
 04/21/2021 Agenda(PDF, 227KB) Agenda(PDF, 731KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 731KB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 17MB)

20, Updated Staff Presentation(PDF, 733KB)

Recorded Public Comment

Minutes(PDF, 980KB)
04/20/2021 Special Agenda(PDF, 176KB) Special Meeting(PDF, 295KB) Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)

1. Staff Presentation(PPTX, 15MB)

1. Appellant Presentation

Verbal Public Comment

Minutes(PDF, 616KB)
4/12/2021 Special Agenda(PDF, 121KB) N/A N/A N/A N/A
04/08/2021 Special Agenda(PDF, 123KB) N/A  N/A N/A N/A
 04/07/2021 N/A

Corrected Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 277KB)

Agenda(PDF, 527KB)

Corrected Special Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 4MB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 527KB)

Updated Special Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB)

Minutes(PDF, 757KB)

Minutes(PDF, 732KB)

 03/29/2021 Amended Special Agenda(PDF, 227KB) Special Agenda(PDF, 244KB)  N/A Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 446KB)
 03/27/2021 Special Agenda(PDF, 122KB) N/A N/A N/A N/A
 03/18/2021 Special Agenda(PDF, 176KB) N/A N/A N/A N/A
 03/17/2021  Agenda(PDF, 262KB)

Agenda(PDF, 721KB)

**Due to technical difficulties the meeting was adjourned.  Agenda Item #22 will be heard at a future meeting**

Agenda Packet(PDF, 18MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 11MB)

12. Staff Presentation

Minutes (no document)
 03/03/2021  Agenda(PDF, 387KB) Agenda(PDF, 152KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 18MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB)

15. Staff Presentation

15. Applicant Presentation

Minutes (no document)
 02/17/2021 Agenda(PDF, 233KB) Agenda(PDF, 260KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 19MB)

26. Staff Presentation(PPTX, 14MB)

20. Appellant Presentation

20. Applicant Presentation

Minutes(PDF, 1MB)

Amenda Special Agenda(PDF, 43KB)

Agenda(PDF, 24KB)

Agenda(PDF, 97KB)


Public Hearing - Agenda item #17 will be continued to March 3, 2021

Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB)



Public Hearing - Agenda item #17 will be continued to March 3, 2021



Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 9MB)

17. Staff Presentation

17. Applicant Presentation

Minutes(PDF, 697KB)
 01/20/2021 Agenda(PDF, 24KB)

Special Meeting Agenda(PDF, 85KB)

Agenda(PDF, 78KB)

Special Meeting Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 6MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)

13. Presentation(PPTX, 9MB)

Special Meeting Minutes(PDF, 362KB)


 01/07/2021 Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 76KB) N/A N/A N/A N/A

2020 City Council Meetings

Meeting Date Closed Session Open Session Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
12/16/2020 Agenda(PDF, 25KB)

Agenda(PDF, 164KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB)

23. Staff Report and Attachments (no document)

Updated Additional Documents v2(PDF, 10MB)     Minutes(PDF, 908KB)
12/09/2020 Special Agenda (no document) - - - N/A
 12/02/2020 N/A Agenda (no document) Agenda Packet (no document) Updated Additional Documents (no document) Minutes(PDF, 616KB)
 11/18/2020  Agenda (no document) Agenda (no document) Agenda Packet(PDF, 16MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 820KB)

Complete Public Comment for Agenda #16

18. CAP Presentation (no document)

Minutes(PDF, 579KB)
11/04/2020  N/A Agenda(PDF, 193KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB) Minutes(PDF, 461KB)
10/26/2020 N/A Special Agenda(PDF, 134KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) - Special Minutes(PDF, 80KB)
 10/21/2020 N/A Agenda(PDF, 190KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 18MB)

Agenda Item No. 14 - FY Ending 2018-19 CAFR(PDF, 3MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 13MB)

12. Public Hearing Staff Presentation(PPTX, 12MB)

12. Public Hearing Appellant Presentation

12. Public Hearing Applicant Presentation

Minutes(PDF, 471KB)
 10/07/2020 Agenda(PDF, 132KB) Agenda(PDF, 192KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB)

6. SCE Presentation(PDF, 4MB)

7. SGVCOG Presentation(PPTX, 2MB)

21. Public Hearing Presentation(PPTX, 5MB)

Minutes(PDF, 497KB)
 09/28/2020 N/A Special Agenda(PDF, 57KB) Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 113KB) Additional Documents(PDF, 682KB) Special Minutes(PDF, 89KB)
 09/23/2020 N/A

Special Agenda(PDF, 57KB)


If interested in submitting public comment for this special agenda, please submit no later than 10 a.m. day of meeting.

Agenda Packet(PDF, 113KB) Additional Documents(PDF, 682KB) Special Minutes(PDF, 180KB)
 09/19/2020 Amended Special Agenda(PDF, 129KB) -


 09/16/2020 Agenda(PDF, 79KB) Amended Agenda(PDF, 196KB)

Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB)

16. Staff Report(PDF, 24MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB)

16. Presentation(PDF, 705KB)

Minutes(PDF, 575KB)
 09/13/2020 Special Agenda(PDF, 128KB) - N/A Additional Documents(PDF, 134KB) N/A
09/11/2020 Special Agenda(PDF, 133KB) - N/A N/A N/A
09/02/2020 Agenda(PDF, 79KB)

Agenda(PDF, 143KB)

Special Agenda(PDF, 137KB)

(PDF, 137KB)Agenda Packet(PDF, 4MB)

Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB)

Minutes(PDF, 292KB)

Special Minutes(PDF, 280KB)

 08/28/2020 Special Agenda(PDF, 130KB) - N/A N/A N/A
 08/19/2020 Agenda(PDF, 132KB)

Agenda(PDF, 199KB)

Special Agenda(PDF, 83KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB)

Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 10MB)

24. Presentation(PPTX, 13MB)

Minutes(PDF, 994KB)

Special Minutes(PDF, 609KB)

08/05/2020 Agenda(PDF, 75KB) Agenda(PDF, 100KB) Updated Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 21MB)

15. Staff Presentation

19. Updated Staff Presentation(PDF, 3MB)

Minutes(PDF, 863KB)
 07/15/2020 Agenda(PDF, 75KB) Agenda(PDF, 96KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB) Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB) Minutes(PDF, 955KB)
 07/01/2020 Agenda(PDF, 75KB) Agenda(PDF, 92KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 6MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB) Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
 06/24/2020 (Special Meeting) Agenda(PDF, 234KB) Agenda(PDF, 243KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB)


Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB)

Annotated Minutes(PDF, 258KB)
 06/17/2024 Amended Agenda(PDF, 133KB) Agenda(PDF, 156KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 11MB)

**Special Note**

Public Hearing from 6/10/2020 (Agenda Item No. 13 - Rollins) was continued to 6/17/2020 Meeting (see Agenda Item No. 17)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB)

17. Staff Presentation(PPTX, 13MB)

17. Applicant Presentation(PPTX, 5MB)

 Minutes(PDF, 794KB)
 06/10/2020 Special Agenda(PDF, 131KB) Meeting Continued from June 3, 2020.  Please see June 3, 2020 Meeting Information

Meeting Continued from June 3, 2020.  Please see June 3, 2020 Meeting Information

**Special Note**

Public Hearing Agenda Item No. 13 (Rollins) was continued to 6/17/2020 Meeting

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)

(in addition to all Additional Documents posted for June 3, 2020)

Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
 06/07/2020 Special Agenda(PDF, 114KB) - - Additional Documents(PDF, 803KB) -


Open Session Continued to June 10, 2020

Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 87KB)


Amended Agenda(PDF, 152KB)

Amended Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)

13. Staff Presentation(PPTX, 5MB)

(PPTX, 13MB)13. Applicant Presentation(PPTX, 5MB)

16. Staff Presentation(PPTX, 13MB)



(Special Meeting)

 Agenda(PDF, 131KB)   Agenda(PDF, 119KB)  N/A Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 1004KB) Minutes(PDF, 472KB)


(PDF, 215KB)Agenda(PDF, 131KB) (PDF, 369KB)Agenda(PDF, 157KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB)

20. Staff Report & ATT-1(PDF, 890KB)

20. ATT-2: PC, Reso. #20-01, etc.; ATT-3: Applicant Stmt.(PDF, 4MB)

20. ATT-4: PC Report & Attachments(PDF, 4MB)

20. ATT-5: Miss.-Bell Final EIR; ATT-6: Appeal and Comments; ATT-7: Response to Comments from Appellant(PDF, 2MB)


20. ATT-8: Applicant Response to Comments from Appellant(PDF, 855KB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (1 of 8 parts)(PDF, 14MB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (2 of 8 parts)(PDF, 2MB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (3 of 8 parts)(PDF, 1MB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (4 of 8 parts)(PDF, 3MB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (5 of 8 parts)(PDF, 4MB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (6 of 8 parts)(PDF, 3MB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (7 of 8 parts)(PDF, 434KB)


20. ATT-9: Project Plans (8 of 8 parts)(PDF, 1MB)


20. ATT-10: Public Comment(PDF, 640KB)

Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)

20. Staff Presentation

20. Applicant's Presentation

20. Appellant's Presentation

Minutes(PDF, 788KB)


(Special Meeting)

(PDF, 120KB)Agenda(PDF, 131KB) Agenda(PDF, 120KB) N/A Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 617KB)
 05/06/2020 Agenda(PDF, 131KB) Agenda(PDF, 157KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 13MB) Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB) Minutes(PDF, 1MB)


(Special Meeting)

Special Agenda(PDF, 115KB) - - - -


(Special Meeting)

- Special Agenda(PDF, 120KB) N/A Additional Documents(PDF, 820KB) Minutes(PDF, 518KB)
 04/15/2020 Special Agenda(PDF, 118KB) Agenda(PDF, 149KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB) Updated Additional Documents(PDF, 9MB) Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
 03/18/2020 Revised Agenda(PDF, 115KB)

Agenda(PDF, 172KB)

Revised Special Agenda(PDF, 139KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 11MB)

Special Agenda Packet(PDF, 2MB)

Additional Docs. Regular Meeting(PDF, 1MB)


Additional Docs. Special Meeting(PDF, 3MB)


Agenda Item #7 - Commission 2019 Annual Reports(PDF, 5MB)


Agenda Item #7 - Commission 2020 Work Plans(PDF, 998KB)

Minutes(PDF, 294KB)

Special Meeting Minutes(PDF, 276KB)

 03/04/2020 Agenda(PDF, 210KB) Agenda(PDF, 373KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB) Minutes(PDF, 320KB)


(Special Meeting)

Agenda(PDF, 309KB) - N/A N/A N/A
 02/19/2020 Agenda(PDF, 322KB)  Agenda(PDF, 369KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 479KB)
 02/05/2020 Agenda(PDF, 215KB) Agenda(PDF, 369KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 13MB) Minutes(PDF, 490KB)
 01/15/2020 Agenda(PDF, 319KB) Agenda(PDF, 362KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 4MB) N/A Minutes(PDF, 1MB)

2019 City Council Meetings

Meeting Date Action Agenda  Closed Session Open Session Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
12/18/2019 No Action Agenda Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 109KB)

Agenda(PDF, 377KB)

Agenda Packet Pt. 1, Items No. 5, 9-12(PDF, 15MB)

Pt. 2 Items No. 13-16(PDF, 19MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB)               Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
12/04/2019 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Agenda Agenda(PDF, 177KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 22MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB) Minutes(PDF, 471KB)
 11/20/2019 No Action Agenda Revised Agenda(PDF, 109KB) Agenda(PDF, 174KB)

Agenda - Pt 1, Items thru No. 18(PDF, 25MB)

Pt. 2, Items Nos. 19-21(PDF, 14MB)

Pt. 3 Item No. 22(PDF, 17MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 360KB)
 11/06/2019 (Special) No Action Agenda N/A Agenda(PDF, 132KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 802KB) N/A Minutes(PDF, 143KB)
11/6/2019  No Action Agenda

Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 400KB)

Agenda(PDF, 400KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 19MB) Minutes(PDF, 3MB)
 10/16/2019 No Action Agena Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 87KB) Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 87KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 10/02/2019 No Action Agenda Revised Agenda(PDF, 111KB) Agenda(PDF, 170KB)

Part 1(PDF, 4MB)

Part 2(PDF, 21MB)

Part 3(PDF, 2MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 25MB) Minutes(PDF, 107KB)
 09/24/2019 (Special) No Action Agenda Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 108KB) No Open Session No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 09/18/2019 No Action Agenda Agenda(PDF, 114KB) Agenda(PDF, 173KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 16MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB) (PDF, 54KB)Minutes(PDF, 83KB)
 09/11/2019 (Special) No Action Agenda (PDF, 114KB)Agenda(PDF, 114KB) Agenda(PDF, 155KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 3MB) No Additional Documents Minutes(PDF, 54KB)
 09/04/2019 No Action Agenda  No Closed Session  Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 88KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 08/21/2019 No Action Agenda Agenda(PDF, 157KB) Agenda(PDF, 224KB)

Part 1(PDF, 11MB)

Part 2 - Item Nos. 20 and 21(PDF, 23MB)

Part 2 - Item No. 22(PDF, 3MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 15MB) Minutes(PDF, 89KB)
 08/07/2019 No Action Agenda No Closed Session  Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 88KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 07/17/2019 Coming Soon Agenda(PDF, 56KB) Agenda(PDF, 67KB)

Part 1(PDF, 21MB)

Part 2(PDF, 13MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 20MB) Minutes(PDF, 321KB)
 07/03/2019 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 30KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 06/19/2019 Coming Soon Agenda(PDF, 127KB) Agenda(PDF, 176KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 19MB) Coming Soon Minutes(PDF, 210KB)
06/05/2019  Coming Soon Agenda(PDF, 185KB) Agenda(PDF, 281KB)

Part 1(PDF, 11MB)

Part 2(PDF, 26MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 15MB) Minutes(PDF, 235KB)
 05/15/2019 Coming Soon Agenda(PDF, 58KB) Agenda(PDF, 60KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 26MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB) Minutes(PDF, 209KB)
 05/01/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 193KB) Agenda(PDF, 220KB) Agenda(PDF, 268KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 24MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 10MB) Minutes(PDF, 238KB)
 04/18/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 96KB) No Closed Session Special Agenda(PDF, 237KB) No Packet No Additional Documents Minutes(PDF, 45KB)
 04/17/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 210KB) Agenda(PDF, 39KB) Agenda(PDF, 282KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 18MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 264KB)
 04/03/2019 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 124KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 03/20/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 187KB) Agenda(PDF, 219KB) Agenda(PDF, 262KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 1MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB) Minutes (no document)
 03/06/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 111KB) Agenda(PDF, 220KB) Agenda(PDF, 256KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 2MB) Minutes(PDF, 250KB)
 03/01/2019 N/A N/A Agenda(PDF, 175KB) N/A N/A Minutes(PDF, 42KB)
 02/28/2019 N/A N/A Agenda(PDF, 176KB) N/A N/A Minutes(PDF, 40KB)
 02/20/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 191KB) Agenda(PDF, 220KB) Agenda(PDF, 267KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB) Minutes(PDF, 203KB)
 02/06/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 201KB) Agenda(PDF, 226KB) Agenda(PDF, 201KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 19MB) Minutes(PDF, 286KB)
01/16/2019 Action Agenda(PDF, 262KB) Agenda(PDF, 400KB) Agenda(PDF, 444KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 19MB) Minutes(PDF, 3MB)
 01/02/2019 No Action Agenda
No Closed Session  Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 171KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes

2018 City Council Meetings

Meeting Date Action Agenda  Closed Session Open Session Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
12/19/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 264KB) Agenda(PDF, 479KB)

Agenda(PDF, 434KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 25MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 8MB)             Minutes(PDF, 236KB)
12/05/2018  Action Agenda(PDF, 270KB) Agenda(PDF, 260KB) Agenda(PDF, 830KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 29MB)

Item No. 20(PDF, 10MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 27MB) Minutes(PDF, 3MB)
 11/21/2018 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 206KB) No Agenda Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 11/07/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 269KB)  Agenda(PDF, 260KB) Agenda(PDF, 418KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 8MB) Minutes(PDF, 3MB)
 10/17/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 267KB) Agenda(PDF, 271KB) Agenda(PDF, 474KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 18MB) Minutes(PDF, 240KB)
 10/03/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 269KB) Agenda(PDF, 221KB) Agenda(PDF, 474KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 18MB) Minutes(PDF, 240KB)
 09/19/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 278KB) Agenda(PDF, 145KB) Agenda(PDF, 327KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 18MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 12MB) Minutes(PDF, 407KB)
 09/05/2018 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 201KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes
 08/15/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 255KB) Agenda(PDF, 172KB) Agenda(PDF, 407KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 352KB)
 08/01/2018 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 199KB) No Packet  No Additional Documents No Minutes
 07/18/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 256KB) Agenda(PDF, 501KB) (PDF, 501KB)Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 24MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 382KB)
 06/20/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 407KB) Agenda(PDF, 407KB) Agenda(PDF, 596KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 17MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 18MB) Minutes(PDF, 282KB)
 06/06/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 261KB) Agenda(PDF, 545KB) Agenda(PDF, 1MB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 20MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 14MB) Minutes(PDF, 494KB)
05/16/2018  Action Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Agenda(PDF, 474KB) Agenda(PDF, 860KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 31MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 31MB) Minutes(PDF, 398KB)
 05/02/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 840KB) Agenda(PDF, 260KB) Agenda(PDF, 607KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 34MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 8MB) Minutes(PDF, 299KB)
 04/18/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 1MB) Agenda(PDF, 537KB) Agenda(PDF, 822KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB)  

Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB) Minutes(PDF, 436KB)
 04/13/2018 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Agenda(PDF, 641KB) No Packet No Additional Documents Minutes(PDF, 240KB)
03/21/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 124KB)   Agenda(PDF, 687KB) Agenda(PDF, 455KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 18MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 8MB) Minutes(PDF, 261KB)
 03/07/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 891KB) Agenda(PDF, 408KB) Agenda(PDF, 580KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 6MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB) Minutes(PDF, 215KB)
 02/21/2018 Action Agenda(PDF, 54KB) Agenda(PDF, 316KB) Agenda(PDF, 419KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 15MB) Minutes(PDF, 327KB)
 02/07/2018 No Action Agenda Agenda(PDF, 281KB) Agenda(PDF, 382KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 7MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 337KB)
 01/17/2018 No Action Agenda Agenda(PDF, 264KB) Agenda(PDF, 299KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB) Minutes(PDF, 419KB)


 01/03/2018 No Action Agenda No Closed Session Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 208KB) No Packet No Additional Documents No Minutes

2017 City Council Meetings

Meeting Date Closed Session Open Session Agenda Packet Additional Documents Minutes
12/20/2017 Agenda(PDF, 284KB)

Agenda(PDF, 593KB)

Agenda Packet(PDF, 24MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 5MB)               Minutes(PDF, 516KB)
12/6/2017 N/A Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 207KB) N/A N/A N/A
 11/21/2017 N/A Special Agenda(PDF, 394KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 25MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 24MB) Minutes(PDF, 361KB)
 11/15/2017  Agenda(PDF, 185KB) Agenda(PDF, 268KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB) Minutes(PDF, 429KB)
11/8/2017  N/A Joint Meting Agenda(PDF, 2MB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 26MB)   Additional Documents(PDF, 19MB) Minutes(PDF, 363KB)
11/1/2017 Revised Agenda(PDF, 291KB) Agenda(PDF, 347KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 15MB) Minutes(PDF, 561KB)
 10/18/2017 Agenda(PDF, 572KB) Agenda(PDF, 468KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 35MB) Minutes(PDF, 373KB)
 10/4/2017 Agenda(PDF, 186KB) Agenda(PDF, 303KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 13MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 17MB) Minutes(PDF, 394KB)
 09/20/2017 Agenda(PDF, 474KB) Agenda(PDF, 433KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 11MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 27MB) (PDF, 11MB)Minutes(PDF, 590KB)
 09/12/2017 Special Agenda(PDF, 320KB) N/A N/A N/A Minutes(PDF, 25KB)
 09/09/2017 Special Agenda(PDF, 328KB) N/A N/A N/A Minutes(PDF, 25KB)
 09/06/2017 Special Agenda(PDF, 504KB) Agenda(PDF, 3MB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 29MB) Minutes(PDF, 265KB)
 08/16/2017 Agenda(PDF, 235KB) Agenda(PDF, 489KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 15MB)   Additional Documents(PDF, 23MB) Minutes(PDF, 582KB)
 07/19/2017 Agenda(PDF, 275KB) Special Agenda(PDF, 850KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 25MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 21MB) Minutes(PDF, 724KB)
 07/10/2017 Agenda(PDF, 315KB) N/A N/A N/A Minutes(PDF, 80KB)
 06/21/2017 Agenda(PDF, 362KB) Agenda(PDF, 301KB)


Agenda Packet(PDF, 22MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 27MB) Minutes(PDF, 548KB)
 06/07/2017 Special Agenda(PDF, 454KB) Agenda(PDF, 243KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 20MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 20MB) Minutes(PDF, 680KB)
05/17/2017  Agenda(PDF, 144KB) Agenda(PDF, 405KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 12MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 17MB) Minutes(PDF, 260KB)
 05/03/2017 Agenda(PDF, 227KB) Agenda(PDF, 452KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 8MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 10MB) Minutes(PDF, 452KB)
 04/19/2017 Agenda(PDF, 626KB) Agenda(PDF, 633KB)

Agenda Packet Pt 1(PDF, 12MB)

Agenda Packet Pt 2(PDF, 28MB)

Additional Documents(PDF, 6MB) Minutes(PDF, 659KB)
 04/12/2017 Agenda(PDF, 26KB) N/A N/A N/A Minutes(PDF, 80KB)
 04/05/2017 N/A Notice of Cancellation(PDF, 201KB) N/A N/A N/A
 03/21/2017 Agenda(PDF, 215KB) Agenda(PDF, 451KB) N/A Additional Documents(PDF, 15MB) Minutes(PDF, 374KB)
 03/15/2017 Agenda(PDF, 474KB) Agenda(PDF, 246KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 10MB) (PDF, 246KB)Minutes(PDF, 555KB)
 03/01/2017 Agenda(PDF, 264KB) Agenda(PDF, 572KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 9MB)  Additional Documents(PDF, 4MB) Minutes(PDF, 379KB)
 02/15/2017 Agenda(PDF, 223KB) Agenda(PDF, 264KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 6MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 7MB) (PDF, 368KB)Minutes(PDF, 409KB)
 02/01/2017 Agenda(PDF, 247KB) Agenda(PDF, 471KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 6MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 10MB) Minutes(PDF, 368KB)
 01/25/2017 N/A Agenda(PDF, 397KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 397KB) Additional Documents(PDF, 1MB) Special Joint Minutes(PDF, 393KB)
 01/18/2017 Agenda(PDF, 203KB) Agenda(PDF, 411KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 10MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 12MB) Minutes(PDF, 403KB)
 01/04/2017 Agenda(PDF, 396KB) Agenda(PDF, 262KB) Agenda Packet(PDF, 5MB) Additional Documents(PDF, 3MB) Minutes(PDF, 414KB)