Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau is dedicated to safety, preventing or reducing fire loses and ensuring compliance with applicable codes and ordinance. Contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for questions on business Certificate of Occupancy inspections and plan checks for new construction.

Some of the Fire Prevention Bureau responsibilities include:

  • Plan Check for fire and life safety
  • Issuing fire permits
  • Conducting fire and life safety inspections
  • Administration of the Annual Brush Clearance Program
  • Fire regulations
  • Public education

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Plan Check

Applicants must submit three sets of complete plans for installation of fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems and tenant improvements. Plans must contain all information required by the appropriate code or NFPA standard. Plans must be submitted to the Planning and Building Department and they will be routed to the Fire Department, generally the average inspection and plan check turn around time is 5-10 business days for most submittals. for further information please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (626) 403-7304.

Fire Permits

Fire permits for open flame, tent, special effects, film fueling truck, fire clearance and any other fire permits required by the Fire Chief can be obtain through the Fire Prevention Bureau. For more information and current fees please contact the Fire Department at (626) 403-7300.


The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for all fire and life safety inspections. Under the direction of the Fire Chief, the Fire Prevention Specialist conducts inspections on both apartments and businesses annually. For further information or to schedule an inspection contact the Fire Prevention Specialist at (626) 403-7304. Suppression personnel also perform business inspections and work with the Prevention Bureau to ensure all businesses in South Pasadena are inspected annually.

Annual Brush Clearance Program

Brush Clearance Information(PDF, 555KB)

It is the legal responsibility of the property owner to take all necessary actions to clear dry or dangerous vegetation and hazardous brush away from structures or buildings within South Pasadena city limits. The South Pasadena Fire Department enforces the Annual Brush Clearance Program all year long.

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