Budget & ACFR

Budget Process

The budget process is based upon in-depth analysis of actual and projected fund balances, revenues, and expenditures. Each City department prepared line item details for the department’s activities and recommended certain service levels and activity goals for Fiscal Year. The Finance Department prepares revenue projections with input from other departments. The City Manager then reviews individual departmental requests, prioritized activities based upon City Council policy, and makes certain adjustments. At the conclusion of this process, the Proposed Budget is prepared and presented for a public hearing, then submitted to the City Council for final review and adoption.

There are several opportunities for the public to get involved in the process in order to make their interests and concerns known to City leadership and to the City Council.

The general timeline for the budget process goes as follow:

  • February - Mid-year Budget Report to Council &Budget Kickoff Meetings with City staff
  • March - Department and City Manager Reviews
  • April - Budget discussions with City Council
  • May - Budget Review by Finance Commission & Budget Workshop Meetings
  • June - Public Hearings to Adopt the new Budget

Budget Documents

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)

The City of South Pasadena’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) consists of management’s representations concerning the finances of the City of South Pasadena. It is prepared by the Finance Department in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States. Management assumes full responsibility for the completeness and reliability of all of the information presented in the report. The data presented is complete and reliable in all material respects, it is presented in a manner designed to fairly set forth the financial activity of the City’s various funds, and all disclosures necessary to enable the reader to gain a good understanding of the City’s financial activity have been included. The City has consistently won the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association, which is an achievement for the highest standards in government accounting and financial reporting.

ACFR Documents